our holiday shoot

Happy Monday friends! We hope everyone had an amazing holiday weekend, and a Christmas day filled with all your favorite faces and treats! We just maaaayyy have indulged in a sugar cookie or two. And pie. And possibly a holiday cocktail. Because holiday calories are just a gift for your body, right?! ; )

In year’s past the day after Christmas has always felt a little “meh”, because we’re coming down from our sugar highs, cleaning up all the remnants of the festivities and no longer feeling the excitement that comes along with giving the perfect gifts. But THIS year, today is different, because it’s the day we get to share our ridiculously adorable shoot done by the ever so talented (and super sweet!) Laura Foote.

We decided to combine a mix of wintery goodness (because that hat on Charlotte was just TOO good to pass up!) with a mix of New Year’s Eve glam, and we couldn’t love these memories Laura captured for us any more. There were literally moments as we scrolled through them for the first time where we couldn’t stop loudly “oooh-ing” (or in Sarah’s case high-pitched squealing) and we had quite a few belly laughs at Charlotte’s expressions. It was such a perfect reminder of what it is like for all of our couples to be on the other side of camera, and just made us feel all the more grateful that we get to be the givers of feelings like these on a weekly basis.

Hope you enjoy just a few of our very many favorites.

Wishing you a wonderful last week of 2016, full of love, laughter, and leftover pie.

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben




  1. […] I don’t really have much to say about this that Laura Foote’s stunning pictures don’t, but I couldn’t be more thankful for this little time capsule of our family right now. And in the middle of busy season and the most chaotic of weeks, it was amazing to take an hour and focus on nothing else but laughing and loving on each other. Well, that and just how cute Charlotte looked in her winter hat! […]

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