oliver’s nursery

Oh man guys. Where has the past 6 weeks gone?! Without making the most stereotypical new parent statement EVER, time is flying by so fast ever since we welcomed Oliver. We took some time away from work and social media and basically the world, while we focused on the little guy who has become the sole focus of ours and it has been amazing. We can’t tell you how many hours we have spent simply sitting and staring at him, in total awe that after all those years of longing for a baby there’s finally one in our arms. It’s JUST.TOO.MUCH.

But as amazing as the time away has been, we’re also so excited to get back into the swing of things and create our new normal (blogging now happens during naps and a newborn swing has made it’s appearance in our office where only a dog bed used to be.) Which also means we’re going to get back to some semblance of a normal schedule around these parts! And today we’re starting that off with the post that was supposed to precede Ollie’s arrival, but didn’t quite beat him when he decided to come 3 weeks early ; ) So who’s up for a belated tour of the world’s cutest baby’s nursery?!

From the first moment we found out we were pregnant, we’ve referred to Oliver’s addition to our family as our greatest adventure yet. So when it came time to pick the theme for his nursery there was no doubt it would center around that, and our sweet friend Greta gifted us with the most perfect Adventure Book (which you probably recognize from one of our favorite Disney movies!) We just can’t wait to fill it with snaps of all of his travels!

And speaking of his travels, Oliver is already ready for his very first trip to Disney

thanks to our sweet couple Erinn and Tanner.

Sarah (not-so-gracefully) sobbed when these came in the mail,

and just thinking about him walking down Main Street in his ears brings on the tears every time.

In place of cards at the baby shower all of the ladies brought books,

and we’ve already started reading to him every day.

There’s a mini gallery wall over his changing table,

with a picture from the wait for him to get here (taken by our sweet friend Ailyn!)

And there of course had to be a little bit of Wes Anderson in his room.

Can you find it?!

This custom canvas from Etsy was the perfect centerpiece for the room . . .

and his Papa made him the sweetest embroidered pillow with his name on it for the rocker.

We’re so humbled by how many people spoiled us with gifts during our pregnancy,

and this puzzle stool from one of our amazing past couples is most definitely no exception!

Thank you Kyle + Adam!

And last but not least, no nursery would be complete without a portrait of your best friend.

For Oliver, that meant a picture of Charlotte the Malchi was a must!


Thank you so much for e-visiting, and for following along as we’ve added Oliver to our world! We have so many amazing things to share in the upcoming weeks, including some gorgeous fall weddings and seriously perfect favorites from our newborn session!

Stay tuned!

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben



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