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number 10


Apr 6, 2020

Last week, we celebrated our ten year wedding anniversary. And while Thursday, April 2, 2010 was the most amazing day, I didn’t have giant hopes for April 2, 2020. Earlier this year I made Ben agree that I would be the one to make the plans this year, since he’s spent the past decade being the one to create the most heartfelt celebrations and epic surprises. To make our life feel like magic. But like so many of the the events of the world lately, the trip I spent the past few months planning was cancelled, and I was resigned to the idea of simply being happy watching our wedding video with Oliver and popping a bottle of champagne. And honestly, that would have been enough.

But I’m not married to a man who is ever content with “just enough”. So the morning of our anniversary, I was awoken by the Olympic Anthem, and after retrieving Oliver I came downstairs to find that our house had been completely transformed. And it now looked nothing like the abode we have spent the past few weeks of self-isolation in, but was a full blown Olympic arena. Because April 2, 2020 was officially the day of the 10th Anniversary Olympics.

There were hand drawn medals, a myriad of events, a podium for the awards ceremonies and even a torch. (That was ACTUALLY burning). And coming down and seeing it all for the first time that morning I couldn’t help but cry a little through my laughter, because even though this was quite possibly the silliest thing this man has ever done, I think it was also the sweetest. He managed to create something so special on a day that had every excuse to be anything but, and as I listened to his cheesy broadcaster voice announce every event I couldn’t help but love him more than ever.

In true Ben style he made a video of the entire thing, so that Ollie would have these memories to look back on. And because I think everyone could use a silly smile as big as the one watching this brought me, we’d love to share it with you <3 Hope it inspires you to create something special in your own little corner of the world today!


Love + Laughs,


10th Anniversary Olympics from Sarah McLachlan on Vimeo.

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  1. Gail Clegg says:

    TEN YEARS!!! Wow. And I remember your special day so we’ll.
    Congratulations you two! (Love seeing adorable Oliver)