my chubby little fish

I’ve sat her for quite a bit. I’ve typed, deleted, re-written, and then deleted some more. I’ve been trying to come up with words to explain the gift I was given today, and how it made me feel, but I’ve come  to the conclusion that for some feelings there just aren’t words.

Some of you may remember this little guy from Cristi and Rob’s wedding, where Cristi’s mom brought this awesome collection that had been in their family for years. I fell in love with this round man, “ooh-ed” and “ahh-ed” as I tried to squeeze him into as many photo-ops as possible,  and even wrote about him being my new boyfriend. (Which may have made Ben jealous at the time, but then I think even he eventually realized how stinkin’ cute this fish is. Just look at the little black eyes!)

Today, nearly nine months after their wedding, Cristi’s mom handed me a little gift bag, and inside was my chubby little fish. But what she gave me wasn’t just a cute knick-knack for our office, it was something that meant something to her family. And because of that, it meant something even more to me. It’s a symbol of the relationships we form, not only with our couples, but also their families. A reminder of the importance of the job that we do. And, even more, of the importance our clients place on us as people and friends.

As I said before, there aren’t words for how humbled we feel to do what we  do. We couldn’t describe how much love we have for all of the families who invite us in, or how touched we are by every single little gesture. But whether you send us home with some cake at the end of the night, take the time to mail a card,  or gift us with a very special chubby little fish, we hope you know how honored it makes us feel.

Love + Laughs,

Sarah (+ Ben!)


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