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We’ve tried out a few different recurring series type posts on the blog, but none of them have really stuck. I either set an initial goal that is FAR more ambitious than the amount of time I actually have for blogging, or just completely forget. I wanted something that would be fun, would also be easy to stick with when things are a little slower, and ok to miss on weeks where there is just too much going on. And so, I came up with the idea of MFM! Every so often, at the start of a week that I feel needs a little oomph, we’ll be highlighting some of our most favorite things for that specific week (because there’s nothing like starting a Monday by being thankful for all of the awesome that is around us!) Hopefully through these posts we’ll be able to introduce a few new things to you guys, and in return you’ll share some of your favorite awesomeness with us!

So let’s get our very first MFM post going : )


1. Colgate Wisps – I know, I know. I am TOTALLY showing my  nerdiness by making the very first favorite a dental hygiene apparatus but GUYS. These things are awesome! Especially for people like us who are constantly eating on the go, or wanting to make sure you have fresh breath after gorging yourself with delish food at a wedding. Trust us, and pop some of these in your bag or the glovebox of  your car!

2. Spaghetti Squash – If you follow me on FB or IG you have probably seen snippets here and there about us making the transition to eating clean. This is by far one of the hardest things we’ve ever done, especially when it involves cutting out a lot of foods I love so much! Spaghetti squash has made this a million times easier, and is something we eat at least twice a week. After it cooks it shreds up just like spaghetti noodles, and then you can use it however you like! My fave is using it to make spaghetti with turkey meatballs. It feels like comfort food AND is low in carbs! Win-Win!

3. Kate Spade: Things We Love – Ben got me this book for Christmas, and while I flicked through it on that actual day I have been so busy with everything since then I hadn’t had the time to dive in. I rediscovered it this week and love it so much. It is such an amazing source of inspiration and just plain girly goodness. It gives me a little creativity boost on days I’m feeling like the tank is empty. Bonus Points: It has a WHOLE section on bows ; )

4. Game of Thrones – If you thought this list started a LITTLE nerdy, buckle-up. This is where we go full on Steve Urkel. Because we are OBSESSED with Game of Thrones! About two and a half weeks ago we watched our very first episode on a whim, and since then have watched all four seasons. YES. That did include watching a full season in one day (don’t judge, I did that enough myself already!) If you haven’t already started watching this show, what are you waiting for?! Even though this is by no means a girly-girl show, the plot twists and back-stabbing (sometimes literally!) are right up there with the very best of soap operas! Give it a try!

5. Violet Love Headbands – Last, but most certainly not least, are these amazing headbands by Rebecca Michaels. I had never ever EVER found a headband like this that would actually stay on my head (maybe it is too big, maybe it is misshapen, but whatever it is my head was just not suited for headbands!) Then, at Pure Barre a few weeks ago I tried one of these puppies on and was instantly smitten. It is like the comfiest, cuddliest hug for your head and it stays in place the whole time! Not to mention they come in a STUNNING array of patterns and colors. I may have already bought a few more ; )


Well friends, that is it for the very first MFM! Hope that you discovered at least one new thing, and if you have something that you are smitten with this week let us know! Maybe it can be a new favorite for us next time!

Love + Laughs,



  1. Ashley says:

    Love butternut squash! Try after you shred it, bake it with a little butter and brown sugar on top. It adds a really nice sweetness, especially when you know you’re not having desert.
    Also, I will have to try those headbands.
    This week my MFM is my new bicycle! 🙂 A new Schwinn Shimano 21 speed. And to top it off, it’s purple!

  2. Heather Lamb says:

    I have to say- i am a lover of your whisps!!! Hahaha and for me personally a MFM is a fun pair of funky socks- not JANKY socks- but decorative fun socks.

  3. Sarah & Ben says:

    Love it! We have been talking about getting bikes as well, but I will need a basket on the front for Charlotte 😉 Definitely trying that squash recipe, sounds super good!

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