Most Favorite Monday by Sarah & Ben

most favorite monday

Happy Monday friends!

It’s the start of a brand new week, and time for another round of Most Favorite Monday! Here’s what we’re loving and laughing at this week!

Most Favorite Monday by Sarah & Ben

1. Lara Bars – Is it a surprise that the very first item for MFM is food related? Probably not. But what is surprising is how insanely good these things taste, given the fact that most of them have absolutely NO sugar and are sweetened with only dates. For reals. This peanut butter cookie one is my absolute favorite, and tastes EXACTLY like the real thing. Which blows my mind considering that it is made of only three ingredients – dates, peanuts and salt. How they do that?!

2. Her – Ben and I sat down to watch this movie recently, and I have to admit that when I Red Boxed it I did it more for him than me. My type of movie choice pretty much only consists of epic love stories with dramatic face-cupping kisses done to swells of the sappiest music. And to me, Her was not that movie. However, I could not have been more wrong about this film! It was made in such a real feeling way, and was one of the more intimate love stories we have seen in a long time. It left both of us a little misty eyed and wanting to have conversations about our deepest selves. Watch it, you totally won’t be disappointed!

3. Heart Print Flats – LOVE. THESE. SHOES. And they are the very first pair of pointy toed anything I have ever bought, because I refuse to wear things that cause unrelenting pain. These are not only insanely comfortable, but they are on sale at Francesca’s this week for 40% off! Can you beat it? I think not! Especially since they are made even cuter with a teeny navy bow!

4. Osmo Shampoo – A few months ago I switched over to this shampoo, when I realized that this long hair I’m now taking care of required a bit more maintenance than my mullet pixie cut of  four years ago. I not only love the smell of this shampoo, but it does an amazing job of leaving my hair feeling clean and not weighed down by any leftover product.

5. Animals with No Necks – This is super random, I know. However, this post is titled Most FAVORITE Monday, and this little gem was one of my favorite laughs of the past week. After reading an article on Buzzfeed I came across this post, and was literally laughing so loud Ben was judging me a little. Take three minutes out of your day and go have a laugh!

What is one thing your loving this week? Whatever it is I hope it’s making the start of your week that much better!

Love + Laughs,




  1. Raquel Jefferson says:

    At the risk of sounding so absolutely cheesy (and, not to mention, completely paid-off) – Sarah & Ben are one thing that I am LOVING this week (two things?). Not only did you two take absolutely gorgeous photos of our wedding that I get to keep and gush over FOREVER, but you have the best personalities! Running into you on Sunday at the Bridal Show was a highlight – and now, the link of Animals with No Necks has single-handedly turned a disastrous Monday into a lesson that there is too much funny in the world to take life too seriously. I am just glad Ben is not here to judge my almost certainly too loud laughter.

    • Sarah & Ben says:

      It is absolutely not cheesy and YOU just totally made our Monday (even beating animals with no necks!) So glad we could help to make your day a little better! xoxoxo

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