leaving on a jet plane . . . . or boat, or car, or train

So if any of you are friends with us on facebook, you have probably seen Ben’s pleas for mix cd’s. And my friends, that is because today we are officially leaving on a SURPRISE vacation!

About a month ago Ben and I sat down to start planning a trip in the June lull that always happens during Florida wedding season, but I was so overwhelmed with work to-do’s I was going crazy trying to make time for trip planning to-do’s. Which is when my ever so sweet, thoughtful, (somewhat nuts for putting up with me) husband stepped in and decided that he was planning this vacation. Alone. As in the type of alone that requires some people who MAY be control freaks to not micro-manage anything. And that is when the surprise vacation was born.

For the past month I have resisted pestering our family and friends for clues. I have not snooped, checked internet history, or asked too many questions (although Ben may say otherwise) and now we are officially leaving. My bag is packed, and I am ready for the possibility of a flight, car ride, boat trip, or Alaskan dog-sled race if need be, and now it is officially trip time! Which brings me to the hard part. For the next two weeks, it is my goal to stay off of social media. Yes, we will take TONS of pictures to share with everyone when we get back, and I will TOTALLY keep a travel journal so I don’t forget any of the details for the recaps, but for the next two weeks I am making it a mission to immerse myself in life. Real live life, that doesn’t include status updates or Instagrams, or Tweets, or Facebook likes. Because as much as we love all of this stuff, sometimes we find ourselves neglecting our real life lives by being too busy with our internet ones. We still have blog posts scheduled to go live while we’re gone, so definitely keep a look out for those, but other than that we won’t be back until the 25th!

And now, friends, with the fullest of hearts and more excitement than you know, I am off for some adventure with my very best friend.

See you soon!

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  1. Cristi says:

    Have a super fantastic time!

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