julian b lane riverfront park engagement: nicole + kyle

From the first phone date with Nicole, it was obvious that we had a ton in common (including a hardcore love of Disney which you KNOW earns some bonus points in our book ; ) So when it was finally time to get together for their engagement session last week I was pumped!

We spent some time wandering around some fun new spots around Julian B Lane (Kyle gets alllllll the street cred for rocking a suit in the Florida heat!) before they grabbed a quick change and pit stop at Amalie Arena. It was so fun to be at the arena right now, with all of the playoff stuff scattered around outside, and we all nerded out over the giant Stanley Cup rings they had outside. The two of them are so insanely sweet together, and are so perfectly laid back, that the afternoon felt like such a fun catchup with old friends.

Kyle and Nicole, thank you so much for a wonderful afternoon! We couldn’t be happier to have you both as part of the SBP family and are so excited for your big day!

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben



  1. Nicole says:

    The photos look amazing! We are so excited! You were so lovely to work with and it clearly shows in how happy we are in the photos! Thank you again!

  2. Michelle says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!!
    Perfect photos for the perfect couple!

  3. Destiny says:

    These are so beautiful!! Such a happy couple!

  4. Destiny says:

    Beautiful photos for a beautiful couple!

  5. Nani Vega says:

    Nicole and Kyle are two incredibly wonderful people I just met. I met Nicole at our work place, we bonded right when we started hanging out and learning that we were interested in many of the same things. When I first met Kyle, I could not believe that he was an introverted person.

    Individually, Nicole and Kyle are such warm hearted people who I think are truly remarkable. Together, they’re such a wonderful pairing. I can not wait for their wedding and celebrate their love story.

    Sarah and Ben, you guys did such a beautiful job capturing their engagement session.

  6. Brigid says:

    Beautiful photos! Beautiful couple!

  7. Joan says:

    Great photos of a super-sweet couple! I love this!

  8. Jacqueline says:

    Beautiful. I like the hockey and tree lined photos best.

  9. Iris Semer says:

    Gorgeous! I love the variety of pictures. Nice choices of background imagery.

  10. Nancy says:

    Picturea came out very well. But then again you are a beautiful subject.

  11. Kyle says:

    Absolutely love these! Thanks so much for being so personable and helpful in getting the best shots possible!

  12. Mike Leonick says:

    What beautiful pictures, you can really see the love in their eyes. Very beautifully done. Congratulations Kyle and Nicole.

  13. Laurie says:

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple!

  14. Lorraine says:

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple! Congratulations ♥️♥️

  15. Brittany Leonick says:

    Happiness looks good on you two!!! Congratulations, I love you so much.

  16. Alison Brown says:

    Absolutely stunning. Congratulations!

  17. Christina says:

    So excited to celebrate this beautiful love with you both. Only more memories and happiness from here!

  18. Michael says:

    Wish I could be there for your special day, but I’m wirh you always.

  19. Linda says:

    Love, Love, Love the photos. They are all amazing! Kyle and Nicole looked so relaxed and beautiful together. They are so lovely together. Can’t wait for the wedding!
    Thank you for the beautiful pictures.

  20. Linda Page says:

    Thank you Sarah and Ben for the beautiful photos. Kyle and Nicole are so special to me, I’m excited to welcome Nicole into our family. You can see their love in these wonderful photos. They complement each other. They have fun together and love each other so much. I love them with all my heart ❤️

  21. Jody says:

    What a beautiful couple! Pictures are so very nice. May God bless you both and your up coming wedding..

  22. Penny says:

    Very pretty pictures, beautiful couple. I know Kyle’s mother and she is so happy to have Nicole as her daughter -in-law. Much happiness always!

  23. Heather Tirrell says:

    Such beautiful pictures and so happy for you. Love how the bright blue pops against the background!

  24. Cameron says:

    Love these pictures so much! Wishing them a very happily ever after!

  25. Robin J says:

    What a beautiful couple! Stunning pics.

  26. Alena Burley says:

    Beautiful photos!!! So happy for you both!

  27. Damaris Rodriguez says:

    All of your pictures are absolutely gorgeous!! I’m so happy for your engagement! Cheers to the future Mr. and Mrs.!!!

  28. Katie Mergl says:

    You both look so perfect! I love the themes and play with blue. I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures.

  29. Jesenia King says:

    These are beautiful photographs. Both of you looks so happy for this new chapter in your lives!!

  30. Josephine Taormino says:

    These are beautiful photos and what a loving and cute couple they are

  31. Vanity Jolly says:

    Absolutely love these pictures! The Lightning jerseys were a great touch! Congratulations, again to you both!

  32. Karen Gessner says:

    These pictures are beautiful and clearly shows your love for one another. We are so excited to celebrate your new life together.

  33. Mary Pat Moore says:

    So excited for my nephew to get married to the girl of his dreams. They look absolutely fantastic in these pictures. You can just feel the love and fun they gave for each other. Love and congratulations to you both.

  34. Rachel Smith says:

    Such fun and sweet photos! Congratulations on your engagement!

  35. EdmeeJanet says:

    Beautiful pictures!! Congratulations!!!

  36. Araceli Gomez says:

    Amazing pictures. Beautiful happy couple. Congratulations.

  37. Natalie Nelson says:

    What a happy couple! I’ve never seen Nicole smile so big 🙂 these photos show just how happy they are together. Go lightning!

  38. Scott corkran says:

    These are very beautiful I love that you all incorporated the Lightning. Beautiful couple. So proud of you

  39. Erica L. says:

    You both look so happy together! Beautiful photos that truly capture your personalities and love for each other.

  40. Kevin Corkran says:

    Oh my goodness Nicole, these are so gorgeous!

  41. Sue Ann Kline ( Mema) says:

    A very beautiful wonderful couple.

  42. Jim Kline (pappie) says:

    Excellent pictures. Congratulations!!

  43. Chad Gessner says:

    Love the pics guys!! A Suit and Lightning jersey, now that’s a stud!

  44. Kathleen Baun says:

    Absolutely beautiful photos! I really like the black and white photos.
    Congratulations Kyle and Nicole!

  45. Brandon says:

    These look amazing. Very well done. Love that you included the Lightning.

  46. Nikki Lee says:

    Congratulations! I’m so happy for you both!

  47. Natalie says:

    Beautiful photos! Congratulations Nicole and Kyle!

  48. Marge says:

    I’m thrilled for and proud of this wonderful couple. The beautiful photos capture the beauty, joy, and love that will be the foundation of a long and happy marriage.

  49. Christina Lacerda says:

    What a beautiful couple! These pictures are wonderful! They really capture the love these two share.

  50. Marla Litz says:

    Simply beautiful!

  51. Wil Powell says:

    So beautiful! Congrats you guys!!!

  52. Mimi says:

    A stunning vision in blue!
    Great photos!

  53. Dillon says:

    Such a wonderful couple!

  54. Tracy Mason says:

    What a beautiful couple! I really appreciate your behind the scenes commentary and I love the creative photos. Congrats, Nicole and Kyle!

  55. Brad Mason says:

    Congrats to the happy couple! Love the hockey jersey shots…so fun.

  56. Katie Mason says:

    So excited for you both! You look so happy. Great pics.

  57. Jon Mason says:

    The pics are amazing! So happy for you both! Did you go to one of the playoff games?

  58. Amanda Moore says:

    These pics are awesome! The Tampa bay lightning pics are great 🙂 beautiful hockey-loving couple ❤️

  59. Peggy Frizzell says:

    Beautiful couple and gorgeous pictures!!❤️

  60. Brendan Gessner says:

    Great pictures!

  61. Congratulations Nicole and Kyle! These photos are absolutely stunning!!!!

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