iceland portrait session: carly + tc

So, we went to Iceland and were just mildly obsessed. Which could be why we shared multiple recaps last week in both picture and video form. You guys are lucky we aren’t crazy skilled illustrators, or there would have been an animated recap to boot ; )But this is totally one of those sorry-not-sorry times, because Iceland is just mind blowingly beautiful. And not only did we love this stunning place, but we adored getting to spend time with one of our awesome past S&B couples turned friends, Carly + TC, who ventured over there for the week with us.

The four of us had epic plans for a full day shoot in the Golden Circle, documenting cliffside cuddles and canoodling near the jaw-dropping waterfalls. But about 20 minutes into our day of shooting Iceland decided it had other plans, and we went from leisurely making art to just trying to stand upright through intense gusts of wind and rain. It was INSANE, but full of so much laughter, group huddles for warmth and amazing memories. We didn’t get to shoot as long as we planned but we still love this series from the beginning of the day, exploring the landscape and then playing in the insane steam clouds at Geysir.

Carly + TC, we loved this week and wish we could do it all over again! How about next week? Ben will bring the Lakris ; )

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben


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