hillsborough river state park engagement: brittany + winston

We were smitten with Brittany and Winston from our very first Facetime. We talked about anything and everything (and we mean EVERYTHING) and laughed so much we were genuinely sad when our e-hang came to an end. So we couldn’t have been more excited to get together in person for their engagement session, and this evening in the woods most definitely didn’t disappoint! These two are the perfect blend of zany and sweet, and can go from a preeeeettty polished B-Boy stance one minute to rom-com level cuddling the next. They are the perfect example of our philosophy that the best love stories involve a whole lot of laughter, and it’s impossible not to smile just by being around them. In fact, the whole evening was so fun that we maaaay have decided to extend it into the next day. (Ok. Spoiler alert: WE DID.) But when you see the second look these two put together (coming to the blog tomorrow!) you will absolutely know why! It is oh-so-glamorous and incredibly fun, and was just begging for a change in scenery. ; )

Brittany and Winston, we genuinely couldn’t be more excited for your big in December, not only  because we know it’s going to be epic but because we can’t wait to see you again! Stay tuned for Part II, coming to the blog tomorrow!

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben


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