heirloom wedding album: shawna + steve

Album packaging days are our FAVORITE, and not just because it makes the whole office smell like leather and happiness! (But let’s be real, that’s a preeeeettttty awesome perk.) There is something so special about knowing a couple will have their newest family heirloom in their hands within the next few days, something that will stay with them forever and ever before being passed down to the next generation, and that we are the oh-so-lucky ones who get to make that happen. It’s basically like living in a world of Christmas gifts and magic year round. (Which also makes it acceptable that a lot of times packaging days are spent in our pajamas ; )

Shawna and Steve put together a classic leather album in Black Tie,

with two lines of custom engraving that gave it a perfect pop!


They opted to start it off with a cover page instead of jumping right into the spreads,

which gave it an oh-so-sweet storybook feel we couldn’t love any more!


Spreads were kept clean and simple (we LOVE when couples listen to our advice on this!)

Loving all your pictures so much it’s hard to choose is the best problem EVER,

but Shawna and Steve worked hard to whittle down to their top favorites, and really let those images shine.


Can we just talk about this perfect cover one more time?! And that engraving?! And the brand new leather SMELL.

Oh how we wish we could share the smell!


If you’re thinking of starting the process of putting an album together, you can check out past posts for inspiration HERE!

Happy Thursday friends! Hope you’re gearing up for a weekend full of fun!

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben


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