heirloom wedding album: lauren + scooter

It’s another album day, and if you know us then you know there are few things that make us more excited! To us, digital galleries are beautiful and Facebook albums are fun, but the actually tangible real-life, have in your family forever kind of heirloom album is what we think your wedding images are meant for. Because as much as we love taking pictures on a couple’s wedding day, we love the idea that those images will endure the test of time even more.

Lauren and Scooter put together a timeless linen album in Pebble,

complete with the most amazing title engraving that used their last name.

Couldn’t love this perfect cover any more!

We always encourage our couples to limit the number of images on a spread,

to let their favorites truly stand out on the page.

Lauren and Scooter did just that, and we love how perfect these clean spreads came out!

And if you’ve never nerded out with us about this gorgeous engraving, then today is the day!

All of the engraving on our albums is done by laser,

and we adore how perfectly it cuts into the linen to give a beautifully clean line.

Have you gotten started on your album yet? As always we are here to help if you want to put together a new and timeless family heirloom!

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben


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