heirloom wedding album: erin + kyle

We’ve gushed a million times about how important we think printing your images is, and how much we adore the idea of tiny hands turning album pages  years after a love story began. About preserving the beginning. So we aren’t going to get on our soapbox about that part all over again today, but what we ARE going to do is share Erin and Kyle’s gorgeous heirloom album.

The two of them chose a luxury linen album in aquamarine, a color that perfectly complemented the palette of their gorgeous

The cover was kept simple, leaving the focus on the interior title page,

and the minimalist design kept the focus on their most favorite images in a clean, stylish way.

(Their album is *basically* the Restoration Hardware of wedding albums ; )

We  also loved that they added some additional spreads, which not only made the album oober substantial,

but also left room for a few full bleed pano spreads!

And the gutter free assembly of these handcrafted beauties make it possible to so some seriously epic spreads like the one above.

Is there ANYTHING more romantic than a middle of the street smooch?!

We think not.

Hope your week gets off to a wonderful start today, and that it’s filled with sweet people and a happy heart. Because Mondays don’t deserve anything less 🙂

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben


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