halloween 2016

Happy Halloween friends!

As always we knew Charlotte would want to dress up as something pop culture related, because we know how she really likes to be current with the issues. And even though we found a perfectly sized Donald Trump wig for her bulbous chihuahua head (Dognald Trump, anyone?!) Charlotte was insistent that her costume be inspired by our latest Sunday night tv show (any other West World fans out there?!) If you haven’t checked it out, it’s a super strange show (in the best way possible) about a virtual reality western-themed world people can pay to escape to. Sounds weird, we know, but give it one episode and you’ll be scrambling for the remote to watch the next one! And if you don’t like it at least you will then get the awesomeness that is Charlotte’s costume (can we just TALK about those little jeans?!)

dog-halloween-costume-by-sarah-ben_0001We hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween full of lots of delish snacks, fun costumes, and memories with all your favorite faces!

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben




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