This morning I woke up, thinking I could surprise you with breakfast in bed. But before my sleep mask was off and I could even seriously consider sneaking out you came in holding the prettiest waffle presentation I ever did see. (Seriously, you nailed that breakfast). But that’s just the kind of person you are. It’s just the kind of man you are. Always looking for ways to bring a new smile to my face and happiness to my life. I can’t imagine the last five years not being married to you, and when I asked you last night if it felt that long, I wasn’t offended when you said it felt longer. Because it feels like this was always how things were and how they are always meant to be. You and me against the world. For always.

I know I didn’t get you a fancy Hallmark card like the one you so sweetly got me, but this is my anniversary letter to you. Simply to tell you that when we walked back up that aisle five years ago ready to start this adventure, I couldn’t possibly have imagined how amazing it would be. Or how much my love for you would grow as we’ve grown up together. Today we have been married for 1,826 days, and I have loved you for so, so many days more than that. And while a simple note in our little corner of the internet doesn’t seem like even a fraction of enough to tell you, I hope you know that I will spend every day I have left in this life loving you some more.

Love + Laughs,


Our Anniversary by Sarah & Ben_0001

Photo by: Kellie Day Photography



  1. Robyn Aaron says:

    Perfect, you two! Just love this! Happy anniversary!!!

  2. Tamára Lunardo says:

    Awwww! So much love. So happy you two have found the perfect match in each other. Happy anniversary!

  3. Holly Shanks Makres says:

    Happy Anniversary!

  4. Julia Lunardo says:

    You two, and your love for each other, are absolutely beautiful. God bless you!

  5. Dawn Hoff-Borrazzo says:

    Awwwwww! Congratulations! Enjoy your anniversary, I wish you guys many more!

  6. Jamey Crider says:

    So happy for you both!!! Happy Anniversary!!!!! Hope to see you both soon!!!

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