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five things about charlotte

So this week we have found ourselves away from home again, leaving our little white fluff ball just outside of cuddling distance. But even though she is far from us in distance she’s never far from our minds, which makes this the perfect time to reminisce about some of our favorite things about our little lady. So friends, welcome to the blog of Charlotte randomness . . .


1. There are few sounds that make Charlotte come running like the spraying of whipped cream from an aerosol can. It doesn’t matter how far away she is or what state of awake-ness she happens to be in at that particular point in time. There are NO secret ice cream sundaes in our house. And because we find her just mildly cute, we of course always share. . . .


2. Charlotte has the state of Texas on her back. We don’t know if it’s coincidence or if she is just a REALLY big fan of the Lonestar State, but the older she gets the more apparent it grows. We are secretly waiting for her to start talking with an accent and wear boots . . .


3. She has a large plethora of nicknames, most of which make absolutely no sense at all, and all of which she answers to. If you come to our house you will hear her addressed as Chach, Charlie, Chee-Chaw, Carlotta, Char-Char Binks, Shar, and Bean.


4. Charlotte knows exactly seven tricks, and will cycle through all of them any time you show her even the hint of a treat. One of our favorite activities is watching her go through her repertoire at lighting speed. (My favorite is when she plays dead).


5. She may the smallest member of our house, but she is most definitely the mouthiest. Whether you forget to greet her when you first roll out of bed, or you are editing instead of holding her, Charlotte does not shy away from telling you what’s on her mind. Which usually comes in the form of a random combination of  barking and whines that sound like a human baby (which is partly due to the fact that she is 100% convinced that is actually what she is. . . )


Hope your week has been every bit as fun as ours so far! Happy Wednesday friends!


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