fab friday

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you’re week has been as lovely and productive as ours, and that you’re getting ready to do something fun this weekend! Ben and I are going on a dinner-and-a-movie date, before the craziness of Wed-Tober gets here (which is what I have officially dubbed our super busy wedding schedule in October). I can’t wait for all of the weddings to get here!
This Week’s FAB Five:
  1. Pandora: Pandora is pretty much my go-to jam when I’m in the office editing, and I am constantly amazed at how spot on they are. Which means I am either really predictable or Pandora is just that good. (Really Pandora?! You know that just because I like Mumford & Sons I will love FUN. ?!) I LOVE YOU.
  2. Pumpkin Beer: If you follow us on Facebook you know that there is an OBSESSION with everything pumpkin in the McLachlan house right now, and that obsession has most definitely carried into our drink of choice. Because what goes better with a pumpkin cinnamon roll than pumpkin beer?! Pretty much nothing. (Except for the cinnamon and sugar we put on the rim of the glass). 
  3. Haircut: I am insanely embarrassed to admit that I got a haircut this week, after SIX months without one. I know, I know. You are picturing me as some strange, hairy, overgrown yeti type creature right now. But the fact of the matter is, when you’re growing out a mullet pixie cut, you feel attached to EVERY. SINGLE. STRAND. So, after a very long wait to get past the awkward growing stage, I am now the proud owner of an actual lady-looking haircut. I feel like a pretty big deal, and Ben doesn’t have to give me home hair trims before bed anymore. It’s a win-win for everyone.
  4. Free Stuff: I posted last week about my awesome win from Fisheye Connect, but the greatness of this has carried into this week. Pretty much every day this week has felt like Christmas as all of my awesome free stuff has arrived! A huge shout out and thank you to ShootSac, Adorama, Dane Sanders, Fisheye Connect, and The Joy of Marketing for all of the awesome freebies!
  5. Charlotte and her mustachio: As I was in the kitchen making dinner last night, Charlotte came in to see if I would drop anything on the floor supervise. And as I turned around to see her, I found this. She had decided to clean the tracks of our sliding doors with her face, which resulted in a preeeettty fantastic Tom Selleck-esque mustache. I laughed FOREVER.Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend! See you Monday!

Love + Laughs,



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