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dunedin engagement: taylor + chase


Sep 2, 2015

Taylor and Chase are TOO much everything. They’re too cute, too sweet, and just too ridiculously photogenic. (We mean, REALLY!) The two of them will be getting married next year up in Virginia Beach, but since they got engaged (and will be living) in Dunedin, it has become an important part of their lives and was the perfect location for their e-sesh! We loved their different outfits, and how each seemed to mesh perfectly with the different part of town we were shooting in, and absolutely adored getting to finish down by the water with some seriously stunning sunset light!

Taylor and Chase, thank you guys SO much for a wonderful session! We had SO much fun with you both and felt incredibly spoiled to get you in front of our cameras. Hope you love these every bit as much as we do!

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben


Dunedin Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0006Dunedin Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0007Dunedin Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0011Dunedin Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0001Dunedin Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0008Dunedin Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0009Dunedin Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0010Dunedin Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0012Dunedin Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0002Dunedin Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0014Dunedin Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0013Dunedin Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0003Dunedin Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0015Dunedin Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0016Dunedin Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0017Dunedin Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0018Dunedin Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0019Dunedin Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0020Dunedin Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0004Dunedin Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0022Dunedin Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0024Dunedin Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0005Dunedin Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0025Dunedin Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0026Dunedin Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0027Dunedin Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0021Dunedin Engagement by Sarah & Ben_0023

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  1. Laura Foote

    September 2nd, 2015 at 11:30 PM

    This rocky shoreline is so fun and I love the colored buildings of Dunedin. Her smile is infectious!! Beautiful work as always! xo-Laura

  2. Melissa Bollig

    September 3rd, 2015 at 3:42 AM

    Love these, pics cuz, so amazing!!

  3. Melissa Bollig

    September 3rd, 2015 at 3:44 AM

    I haven’t seen u all, in 4 ever, by the way tell my aunt and uncle I said hi! I was gonna telly uncle that one of his lost long friends said for me to tell him hi..

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