driftwood beach engagement: taylor + drew

It’s pretty impossible not to smile when you’re around Drew and Taylor. They have an infectious energy about them, laughing constantly and smiling so big it’s contagious, which is why our two hours with them down in Longboat Key zipped by in a blink. We loved how perfectly both of their outfits meshed with the different backdrops, with their casual outfits beautifully against the greenery and the florals of the park, and their formal attire basically looking like a DREAM on the tree-filled beach. F’REAL. We are pretty sure we’ve never had a better night on the beach than the one we had with these two. From the light breeze in the air, to the gorgeous color in the sky to the fact that we somehow magically had it all to ourselves, every bit of it was perfection. And all of that combined with the way these two so easily love and laugh together made for one amazing night.

Taylor and Drew, thank you so much for such a wonderful afternoon! We loved spending time with you guys and can’t wait to see you again soon for some chicken and waffles!

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben



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