come fly with me . . .

Well friends, it’s time.

And even though it felt like this day was never going to get here, we are finally sitting in the Philadelphia airport waiting to board our plane to Scotland! At this point we are running on coffee, three hours of sleep, and this morning’s mimosas (which are an absolute must to the start of any vacation). We are so insanely humbled that we are flying so far to document what is sure to be a stunning wedding day at a real live castle, and are beyond excited to make a whole lot of memories of our own. I am trying so hard to be 100% present in every moment (from the little moments like laughing about the man who brought a full on ONION sub on the plane and sat right next to us) to the bigger things (like the way Ben always takes my hand when we take off).

We are beyond excited to live this adventure, and share all of our favorite bits with you! And I know there are going to be so, so many favorites <3

And because everything is better with an over-tired zany airport selfie, we leave you with this.



Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben


  1. Ashley M Davis says:

    Cannot wait to hear all about it!!! Have a blast, you two!!

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