christmas 2017

Merry Christmas friends! We hope you are spending the day surrounded by your favorite faces and foods, unplugging from the crazy of the world and making some heart-filling memories. And if that includes going back for seconds on desserts, so be it ; )

Our Christmas card shoot went a little off the deep-end this year, so we are warning you ahead of time. You are either a crazy dog person like the two of us, who will see the pictures to follow and think “Wow, how adorable!” Or you aren’t quite as dog obsessed and will think “Wow, how sad!” Whatever school of thought you come from, we wanted to share a little bit of our holiday cheer with you all!

Warmest wishes for an amazing holiday, and a fabulous end to 2017!

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben & Charlotte



  1. Charlene durgin says:

    I just love all your blogs and these photos are great!!! Can’t get over how much you resemble your mom Joyce……

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