brews & beach engagement: stephanie + nathan

You know when you watch a show on Netflix and you absolutely LOVE it, so much so that you have to tell everyone you know about it’s amazingness? But you worry that no matter how well you describe it, that person just isn’t going to get it, so you tell them just to watch it and then they’ll understand. That’s exactly how we feel about Stephanie and Nathan. These two are so incredibly sweet and laid back, ridiculously funny and just so fun to be around that we feel like we need to tell everyone about them. Except our words wouldn’t do them any justice, so hopefully these pictures will ; )

We met the two of them at Green Bench Brewery, where they of them grabbed a beer and got a little VIP tour of the brewery (shoutout to Green Bench for being so awesome!) These two knocked it out of the park with their perfect outfits, and just when we were smitten with how good they looked they changed for the beach portion of their shoot and we crushed even harder. That blush skirt on the beach combined with their perfectly whimsical love and the green water was EVERYTHING!

Stephanie and Nate, we had so much fun with you guys and are so stoked to do it all over again next year! Thank you for an amazing afternoon!

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben


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