bowtie 101

bowtie 101

Hey friends, Ben here. And I thought we would shake things up a little bit for today’s post! As many of you know I am kind of a sucker for a good bowtie (I mean, is there anything more classic?!) so I thought we would spend a few minutes today on how to tie one. (Or in other words, how to make yourself look like the most handsome version of you ever.)

A little history on the bowtie. It has been around for centuries (and actually existed before the necktie.) Some people think that the bowtie is a “nerdy” fashion accessory and I cannot say that is entirely wrong because people such as Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, Bill Nye (the science guy), Pee Wee Herman and Steve Urkel were all frequent wearers. However, some pretty cool people also wear bowties. People like Dr. Indiana Jones, Abraham Lincoln, Jerry  (of Tom & Jerry), Dr. Who and Orville Redenbacher. (Okay, so pretty much every one of those people is kinda cool in their own way!)

There are also many different styles of bowties. From the type of material they are made of to the cut, size or even shape. Some key things to remember when picking one out is that a textured material will hold the knot much better than a silky/satin one.

If this is your very first time attempting a non-cheater bowtie, here is the most important thing to know – It isn’t supposed to be perfect. Ever! If it is perfect, then it is probably a clip-on, and clip-on’s are banished to senior prom! No clip-ons for you any more because you are a dapper gentleman and you will now know how to tie a bowtie. It will take practice. You will get aggravated, and you will succeed!

Watch this video to help get you started on your way to being the best dressed person in the room! Soon you will be looking for excuses to go out and wear one of these bad boys!


  1. Ailyn La Torre Hemminger says:

    Love this! Specially the hottie mcdaddy moves at the end! go Ben!! 😉

  2. Jamey Crider says:

    Very very cool!!!

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