awards season and thank you speeches

It’s awards season! We are currently OBSESSED with La La Land, and are so stoked to see it being celebrated for all it’s musical genius (anyone else totally in love with Mia and Sebastian’s love story?!) Our inner theater kids have been coming out on the regular, dancing around our house Fred and Ginger style and belting out every showy number as loud and proud as we can. And in our haze of obsession we hadn’t even realized that photography awards season had arrived, which has made getting the announcement emails all that much more of a fun surprise. Another one of those surprises came this morning, with the announcement that we had won the Two Bright Lights Editor’s Choice Award!

So what does it mean? Well, we’re going to let the fabulous team at TBL tell you, because they’re just *slightly* more eloquent at explaining then we would be ; )

From Two Bright Lights:

“The Editors’ Choice Awards honor Two Bright Lights submitters whose talent was continually recognized by top print magazines, blogs, and websites. Their hard work and commitment to getting published places them among the top 5%, from a community made up of over 50,000 photographers and event professionals across 100 countries.”

So we’re holding our badge up high in lieu of an Oscar trophy, and once again saying a giant THANK YOU to every one of you who is a part of this little dream of ours. From our sweet couples to amazing vendors to the friends and family who support all of our crazy ideas. We love every one of you and are so beyond grateful.

**cue music that they save for those especially long-winded winners who could go on with their teary speeches FOREVER**

Love, Laughs, and a Very Happy Monday,

Sarah & Ben


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