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aaaaaannddd…we’re live!


Aug 24, 2017


It’s crazy to be typing these words, because this project has been such a GIANT part of our summer and has been so constantly on our minds, but today we are launching our new website and blog! Cue all the confetti and cakes and balloons and maybe a glass of champagne or two! We’ve kept this under wraps for the past 2 months (which at times has been SO hard) but today it’s official and we’re so excited to invite you to check it out.

Back at the beginning of summer, we got a major surprise when we found out that our five year old website wasn’t functioning as well as it should be any more. And after attempting to understand all the technical mumbo jumbo of Flash based slideshows vs. HTML5 and different browsers and all other sorts of things that had us reaching for a cocktail before 5 o’clock, we realized that it was time to suck it up and make something new (does anyone else find change to be so.incredibly.hard?!)

Well, this mandatory revamp turned out to the absolute biggest blessing in disguise, because the new site and blog that the oh so fabulous Rachael Earl designed for us is not just as good as our old site, it’s BETTER. Without even realizing it we have changed so much in the past 5  years, and this new site is such a perfect representation of who we are right now. The new www.sarahben.com feels cleaner, brighter, and even a little quirkier and we couldn’t be more in love!  Basically, it is just the bomb.com (although that is not the url so don’t try heading there) and we can’t recommend Rachael enough if you’re in need of a new online presence of your own. Seriously, go check her out!

We hope you’ll spend some time scrolling through the pages both here and over on our site, and that you feel just as at home as we do while you’re there.

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben

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  1. Rachael Earl says:

    I’m so excited for you guys and glad I got to be a part of the crazy ride!! Hooray for being live and all shiny brand new!