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2017 behind the scenes


Jan 2, 2018

Happy 2018 everyone! We hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday, and that (just like us!) you’re ready to kick some major 2018 booty! We’re doing all the normal New Year things that get us pumped for an amazing 365 days (bring on aaaallll the goal setting coffee dates and big dreaming) but before we more forward we obviously have to give 2017 a proper farewell. Which brings us to what is always one of the most popular posts of the year, this past year in behind the scenes images! Today we’re sharing some of our favorite (yet definitely not most flattering) behind the scenes moments from 2017, and we hope you laugh as much as we did putting it together ; )

As always, Ben was the master of the wedding dress styling.

He moved the most giant of ball gowns with ease, and was always prepared with a pretty hanger

(which he sawed notches in himself ; )

And Sarah was always on deck to make sure that dress looked perfect in formal photos . . .

But then sometimes forgot to leave afterwards . . .

“Can’t I hop in just one?!”

“Fine, I’ll go . . . . “

“Psych! I’m back!”

But Ben couldn’t be angry because she looked so cute while she did it ; )

And speaking of Ben, can we just talk about his veil and dress throwing skill level?!


Just look at that form!

Of course, from time to time, it didn’t *perfectly* work out . . . . .

There was the occasional time when we would find the other person sitting down on the job . . .

Or should we say laying . . .

But then we were back to work making bridal parties look their best!

Which of course involved telling the worst of punny jokes . . .

 . . .and blocking spotty light at times.

And for the occasions we didn’t have our trusty diffuser, Ben just asked Sarah to stand in.

With her BODY.

Which is apparently giant enough to cast even light on TWO humans.

He’s lucky he’s the cutest.

. . . . And also the most suave.

There was the day we shot the coldest, rainiest Chicago engagement session . . . .

Which turned out to be OH so worth it . . . .

And of course, some things never changed.

Ben still carried aaaaalllll the things. . . .

and went above and beyond the call of duty.

While Sarah still photo-bombed his shots.

Like, A LOT.

So this year he just got more “creative” with his angles. . . .

Everyone loves the ol’ classic armpit framing . . .right?! ; )

Eventually he found himself getting a little exasperated . . .

So he went to far away spots where she couldn’t possibly hop in his way . . .

She’s lucky she’s cute.

There was dancing. . .

Oh, SO much dancing. . . .

And we got to be a part of some pretty big life milestones for some of our past brides + grooms.

We met new babies . .  .

and shot a few that were on the way.

We even got to be a part of a FIFTIETH wedding anniversary.

Ben maaaaay have tried to steal the bride ; )

There were fur babies of all shapes and sizes. . . .

some EPIC parties . .  . .

and so, SO much coffee.

Ben made sure everyone looked their best . . .

And of course tied a bow tie or two.

While Sarah was simply happy hanging out with our couples. . .

Even Tim (the infamous stool) got to be a part of the behind the scenes action this year. . .

And there were some ridiculous shots that were *almost* worthy of a caption contest . . .

“Yaaaaaass. That’s puuuuurrfect. Don’t. Move. A. MUSCLE.

“Don’t Mind Me. Just Taking My Afternoon Stroll”.

“Guys! I’m smizing! I’m preeettty sure I’m nailing it!”

“I didn’t touch the cake I SWEAR”.

But mostly, we just spent the year excited.

Excited to shoot in some seriously gorgeous places . . .

and to spend time with some of the sweetest humans on the planet . .  .

(who miraculously always seem to make their way to us).

And we had SO much fun this year . . .

both behind the camera . . .

and with the people in front of it.

To everyone who invited us to be a part of their lives this year, saying “thank you” will never be enough.

Not only because your invitation allows us to spend every one of our days together (which we never ever stop being grateful for), but because the honor of saving your memories is something words can never explain.

Thanks for laughing with us, for trusting us, crying with us and dancing with us.

2017 was absolutely incredible and it was all because of the people and places that filled it.


Love + Laughs (and cheers to an amazing 2018!),

Sarah & Ben

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  1. brittany says:

    Well this was just the cutest. Can’t wait to see you guys again in a few weeks!