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making our big announcement


Thank you doesn’t seem like quite enough. We don’t feel like it will tell you all how insanely touched we were by all the comments, emails, texts and phone calls that came after we announced our new adventure on Wednesday. It doesn’t tell you how big the smiles were as we read each message, or how sharing it with you was the first time that having a baby has actually felt REAL.

Thank you won’t ever be enough. So simply know that each and every one of you who reached out, whether we talk every day or hadn’t seen you since your wedding day 7 years ago, truly made us feel so loved.

And SPEAKING of feeling loved, we thought that there was no better day than today to share something that brought us so much joy, and hopefully as a way of saying thanks it brings you a little too. Because there was nothing sweeter than watching our closest friends and family, people who knew we had been trying to grow our family for years, learn that we had finally succeeded. Enjoy!




Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben

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